Porsche Cayenne coupe 2020

Porsche Cayenne coupe 2020

Cayenne Coupe’s components are brand new, It gets a sports design. The hood, front fenders, front door skins, and lights are the only carryovers from the standard model. The Coupe is 1.2 inches longer and 0.7 inches wider than the standard Cayenne, and it’s generously styled rear haunch. There’s an abundance of “shelving,” or angles in the sheet metal that extend out in order to accentuate the vehicle’s curvature. But even with serious sloping and a drop in cabin space, the design changes don’t make the cabin feel cramped.


The Interior

Cayenne coupe’s rear-seat headroom is almost the same as the square back Cayenne’s. The only downside to ordering the coupe is that the cargo area is slightly smaller, but still a very usable 22 cubic feet. Coupe models will come standard with a panoramic fixed-glass sunroof as well as eight-way power-adjustable front seats and rear bucket seats that can be outfitted in a classic Porsche hounds tooth pattern. The Cayenne’s  touch-sensitive climate-control system carry over to the coupe; Porsche will undoubtedly offer a suite of driver-assistance features, too, including automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control.



The Design

The new Cayenne Coupe looks more athletic in appearance, with a steep roofline, redesigned rear doors, and quarter panels which broaden the shoulders of the vehicle and give it a more powerful stance. Each Cayenne Coupe will also feature two spoilers, including a new adaptive rear spoiler which extends by 5.3 inches above speeds of 56 mph, increasing downforce to the rear axle.  It also will look cool in action as you are cruising down the highway.



The Cayenne Coupe shares power trains, suspension components, electrical architecture, and much of its body structure with the regular Cayenne. In terms of sheet smetal, however, only the hood, front fenders, front door skins, and lights are carried over from the regular Cayenne. The A-pillars have been laid back, there’s a new windshield, and the roofline is 0.8 inch lower, sweeping gracefully rearwards into 0.7-inch-wider rear quarter panels to create a greenhouse with echoes of the iconic 911. The large rear hatch features a fixed spoiler at its top edge and an active spoiler that tucks away under the lower edge of the rear window.

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