For the purpose of this Privacy statement:,
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Apart form selling vehicles and giving costumer the latest car news, our top most important duty is to protect every costumer’s personal data that visits our website. In the Privacy statement we are going to mention the way we hand personal data; that is, how these data is collected, what do we do with them and how we use them, what purpose and on what legal basis this is done, which right and claim are associated with it for you, the involvement of the third party and the cookies file statement. Yannick Auto has a general management system which supervise the privacy control.
Please understand with us, the use of our Privacy Statement on our website do not apply to the apply to your activities on the website of social networks or other websites you may reach with the links you click on our website. Because they have theirs so please enable to read and understand theirs.


There are various ways which we collect data from our costumer. When you visit our website, we record some information about the browser, the operating system you used, the date and time you visited,
If you were able to access a pager or not, the internet provider you used which is going to be deleted after some few number of days, the search words you used, the website from which you access website and the website which you access from our website.
Apart form that, we can also collect your personal Data if you provide them to us, In the form of registration, a contact form, or price competition, inquiring information, payment plan. You are not oblige to provide us with your personal data but some functions make availability to the data and if not provided we may not be able to make availability to this service to you.

2. Purpose of use:

When we collect these personal data on our website, we operate them in the most convenient       manner in order to provide you the service mention and also to improve our IT system from
attacks and other illegal activities.
When you provide us with your personal data, either by registration, a contact form, price competition, inquiring information, payment plan. We are only going to use these data you provided for the purpose mention.

3. Transfer of data to the third party:

Our website may also contain offers of a third parties, If you click on such an offer, your data will be transferred to the respective provider to the required extension.

We use social plug-ins such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, link. But all this plug-in are been deactivated that is, they do not receive any data from our website. And so if you wish to use any of this plug-ins click on the respective plug-in to have direct contact with the service of the respective network.If you have an account with on the network and you are logged in, When you activate the social  plug-in, the network can associate your visit to our website with you account. If you want to avoid this, you can just log out of the network before activating the social plug-in. A social network can not associate a visit to another website until you have activated an existing social plug-in. Once you are activated to a plug-in data transmission can also take place which can be initiated and controlled by the respective social network. This data transfer is governed by the privacy policy of the social network.

The social plug-in remains activated, until you deactivate it or delete your cookies.


We use our various technologies security measures to make sure that protection of our costumer’s Personal Data are been properly secured from manipulator, or illegal activities, loss, destruction and even access form unauthorized users. Yannick Auto is happy to say we are constantly improving and updating our security technology.

5.Deletion of your Personal Data:

Your IP address and the name of your internet service provider, which are only stored for security reasons are going to be deleted after one week. Otherwise we delete your personal data as soon as the purpose for which we collected it has been fulfilled. Apart from this data is only stored if required by the Law.

6.Rights of data subject:

As a data subject, you have the right of access, right to ratification, right to restriction of processing, and the right to data portability

7.Car news :

If you subscribe to Car News offers on our website, the data provided in the Car News subscription will only be used for sending Car News, except you agree to further use. You can also unsubscribe any time by using the unsubscribe option provided in the Car News.

 8.Cookies Statement :

Information on the cookies statement which we use and their function can be found in our cookies statement.