We want thank you visiting our website and browsing through. But in order to carry out transactions safely, we have some terms and conditions which are attach to our Privacy Policy. This website is managed, controlled and owned by We have various page, posts, news, blogs and even Social plug-ins attach to our website and links attach too. And so if you are using our website, we know you have read, understood, and have accepted our Terms and Conditions. And so doing we expect you to do all you best to keep to them. And so if by anyway you go out of these rules and regulation, we are therefore to carry out action for such act which may involved the Law if possible. And so we advise you to when using our website, stick to the rules and regulations of our website.


In order for you to use our website,, you most be form 18 and above. is restricted form children and so if you fall in these age group and wise to visit our website it must be under the supervision of you parent or an elderly person.

TERMINOLOGIES. is a website which sells and advertise vehicles, and so has some terms we use in order to govern the selling and advertising of these cars.

-The Term “we”, “our”, “us”, refers to and its official workers.

-The Term “you”,”your”, refers to any individual that access our website.

-The Term “dealer” refers to any dealer which has an account under

-The Term “purchase”,”buy” refers to the buying of any vehicle.

-The Term “customer”,”user” refers to an individual who is purchasing or visiting our website.

WEBSITE MODIFICATION. is a legally build website and with all authorities we reserve the right to modify or terminate this website without any persons concern.

Change of  Website Terms and Condition/ Policy also reserve the right to modify or change the terms and condition/ policy of our website without the concern of any personality and so after the change or modification we are going to sent a notification to you email on this. And so please when this is done read and see what have been change or modifies. 


One of the main way uses for communication is through electronic mail. This is one of the reasons we collected personal data so as we can sent updates, news, car expects and important information to you. And in some cases when you confront a problem or which to communicate with us, its through our email address which makes it possible.


Unauthorizes used of our website is prohibited. We have the following that you should not do while on our website:

-Gathering, monitoring, or copying any content from this website with the use of a spyware, robot, engine, software, device, or other utilities without our concern. 

-Coping information, or collecting information about others without their concern.

-Submitting or uploading any data that contains viruses, worms, malware or any computer code on other equipment of ours or to another third party. 

-Taking any action or making any communication that is inappropriate , unlawful, threatening, pornographic, abusive or violence of our legal rights. 

-violating the copyright, trademark or any policy of our website.

-Taking actions or seeking information or discovering information or materials especially password, through or in connection to our website is prohibited. 

-Attempting to use this website for any other purpose for your own interest other than those intended by us.

-Posting hyperlinks to other websites that contain content that falls within the descriptions set forth above

-Interfering, or attempting to interfere, with the operations of the Website or using any device or software that will interfere, or attempt to interfere, with the operations of the Website; or posting any unauthorized material to the pages of the Website or the databases that power it.

-Attempting to circumvent Website security in any way; probing or testing the vulnerability of the Website or any network connected to the Website; or hacking, breaching, or attempting to breach any part of the Website, its security or authentication measures, or any network connected to the Website, including the content management system and source code.

-Creating more than one account per person if you are a Private Party user posting vehicles for sale on the website.

-Interfering or attempting to interfere with the use of the Website by other users.

-Posting more than five advertisements or listings on the Website without a paying subscription, or posting any advertisement or listing on the Website if you are affiliated in any way with a dealership without a paying subscription. Dealers may not post ads as a Private Party.


Some information are made available via this website. They are made possible by third parties or other organizations acting like our third party provider service. And so we may share your information and data with these third party and organizations that provide the required product, service or functionality on behalf of our customer and user.


Information and data can be collected and store and later on used for the purpose mentioned to the user. We have the privacy policy which governs our website and in our policy, it explains how data is collected, how it is been used for, for what purpose, how it is been secured  etc. more that can be seen in our Privacy and policy.