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There are multiple levels of services according to your needs, the website is filled with complete information such as reviews. You can search everything you wish to know about a car on the website. From clear descriptions to bright images and unambiguous content. Yannick Auto is the best with tremendous customer’s services.




OMG Yannick Auto staff are very professional, they walked me through the car process and explained every detail. They went through our financial information before we looked at anything and found us a jeep. All this was done within the budget we laid out , they were absolutely fantastic can’t praise them any less. Buying a car is stressful but Yannick Auto made the process a breeze and we will definitely be customers for life. I recommend him hundred percent they were so explicit about the car deals. I thank the entire team for all the help.



  ROSEMOND MBU     Political Analyst

Yannick Auto is the most helpful car dealer company I have met, they made my buying process quick and explicit, and they treated me with utmost respect and got me the vehicle I wanted. They found me exactly what I wanted it was a pleasure working with them. If not for Yannick Auto I will be totally lost and without a vehicle too. I had so many doubts and asked many questions since it’s been ten years since I lastly bought a car, the team was not hasty they answered patiently.


Not only are their prices great but their hands on approach on making customer number one and happy, unlike other dealerships who forget the clients after sale. Yannick Auto did follow up. I have purchased cars from many dealerships but there has never been any after sales servces like with Yannick Auto. It was a great experience.