The steady increase in the number of cars on the Cameroonian territory has given the opportunity to all citizens to come into the possession of a growing producer of resources. Our services present on the web will assist you and your business in accordance with global trends.


 The different services

 Purchase of vehicles

Our technicians inspect the vehicles, evaluate them and make an offer to the customer. In connection with our customer service, they accompany individuals throughout the process of selling the car. In our agencies, we have technicians who take care of the car from the time it gets to our possession till the time its ready to be sold out. In addition to taking care of customers, we also check the condition of cars. Every day is different, but we always stay cool, even in stressful situations.

Customer service

Having a high-performance Customer service becomes an imperative for companies. This is why YANNICKAUTO has set up a customer service that accompanies the individual throughout the process: from the organization of appointments to the finalization of the sale of the car, answering their various questions. Customer service is involved in:

Technical problem;

Billing problem;

Request for pre-sales information;

Various requests.

The marketing department

It is a vital service in the development of YANNICKAUTO in that it is responsible for boosting the visibility of the brand and increase sales. A fairly complex task therefore falls on the team, which must demonstrate an ability to anticipate customer needs while keeping an eye on competing practices.

The marketing department is required to develop a sales strategy. First, it is necessary to attract the interest of the targets to make them want to know more and thus to buy the cars. Constant monitoring of variables is required. In other words, it is important to look at the economic context such as fluctuations in applied tariffs. In the same way, it’s important to understand what customers are looking for and what makes market leaders stand out.

The marketing department objectively and regularly analyzes the positioning of YANNICKAUTO. This makes it possible to assess the shortcomings and concretely identify the strengths, which automatically leads to the adoption of relevant strategies. The visibility on the internet and the selection of advertising vehicles in paper form therefore passes through the marketing team.


Think bigger: Rapid growth and continuous development require big visions – for our products, our markets and our employees.Work as a team to succeed. We appreciate the diversity of backgrounds and opinions. Cooperation between different departments is the key to our success.

Focus on the results: Data-driven work is an important guideline and ensures that our activities contribute measurably to the success of the business.

Stay curious: We motivate everyone to try new things, to take new ways to prevent a work routine from happening. This is what we call the spirit of innovation.

Constantly improve:  We take each challenge as an opportunity to learn and expand our knowledge. The development starts at the individual level and leads to the continuous improvement of our activities in the long term.

Give priority to customers:  A good customer experience is based on a deep understanding of one’s needs and wishes. Translating these results into concrete actions strengthens our competitive advantage.